Foods that contain calcium

Foods that contain calcium

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Foods that contain calcium: how to get calcium with food. Advice on how to protect the bones without taking milk and derivatives.

We all know, the calcium is the mineral more abundant than the human body ... But in fact, what is it forand how much calcium do you need to take in a day?

Calcium, needs and what it is for

The football it is determined for strong bones and healthy teeth. It helps protect blood vessels, regulate blood pressure, supports myocardial functions and even prevents insulin resistance (type 2 diabetes).

Talking aboutdaily requirementgeneralizing it can be said that adults should take about 1,000 mg of calcium per day. This amount of calcium could be taken with about a glass of semi-skimmed milk, with a cup of whole yogurt or with cheese ... however, among vegans and lactose intolerant, not everyone is a fan of milk! Don't worry, it's possibletake calciumalso without milk and derivatives.

Calcium requirement

The need for calcium changes according to age and physiological situations. For completeness I propose the various values ​​ofcalcium requirementreported with LARNs (reference levels of nutrient and energy intake for the Italian population).

  • Calcium requirement in infants, from 6 months to 1 year: 600 mg.
  • Calcium requirement for children, aged 1 to 6 years: 800 mg.
  • Calcium requirement for children aged 7 to 10: 1000 mg.
  • Calcium requirement for adolescents, ages 11 to 17.
  • Calcium requirement for pregnant or breastfeeding women: 1200 mg
  • Calcium requirement for adults aged 18 to 29: 1000 mg
  • Calcium requirement for adult men aged 30 to 59: 800 mg.
  • Calcium requirement for men over 60: 1000 mg.
  • Calcium requirement for adult women aged 30 to 49: 800 mg.
  • Calcium requirement for women over 50: 1200 - 1500 mg

For pregnant women and women over 50, the body's demand for calcium increases. In these delicate phases of life, it is necessary to bring the right doses of calcium to avert the risk of osteoporosis.

Foods that contain calcium (lactose free)

In this paragraph, I will propose a list of foods that are good for bones, provide calcium and are not dairy products.

Sure, fortake calciumyou could use supplements or fortified foods, but there are natural sources of calcium which have nothing to do with milk and its derivatives.

Beans: borlotti beans, cannellini beans, white beans ...

A glass of white beans provides 191 mg of calcium. In general, legumes are an excellent source of iron and calcium. When preparing a salad, add a handful of white beans to obtain a "food enriched with calcium“!

All types of beans contain calcium, the classic borlotti beans provide 130 mg of calcium for every 100 grams of product.

Fresh caught

I know that many will not like this ... but for the record's sake, I have to say: fishbone is rich in calcium and vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for promoting calcium absorption.

Small fish such as whitebait, sardines, anchovies… can be ingested with the bone.

Not just bones, the fillet of 7 sardines will give you 321 mg of calcium.

Seafood and shellfish

If you love seafood or can't resist cicadas, shrimps and lobsters, then don't. A dose of 100 grams is enough to take 220 mg of calcium.

Dried figs

Just a handful of dried figs (five figs) to be able toto hire149 mg of calcium.

Brassica rapa

Brassica rapa, better known as bok choy or Chinese cabbage, can be counted among thevegetables rich in calcium.

A serving of Chinese turnip provides about 75 mg of calcium.

Rocket salad

Okay, Chinese cabbage is difficult to find and the fruit and vegetables close to home may not have it ... but what about rocket? A rocket salad can provide about 309 mg of calcium.

Parsley and walnuts

Parsley allows you to fill up on iron and calcium. You will tell me that it is difficult to take more than a few leaves of this vegetable but… it is not so! The parsley pesto is very tasty! In the article entitled "How to take folic acid "you will find a delicious recipe of linguine with parsley pesto.

Walnuts are also used in the recipe. Walnuts are rich in calcium and can provide around 120 mg.

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