Eco-friendly clothing

Eco-friendly clothing

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Eco-friendly clothing for those who love the environment but also style. In fact, it is not at all necessary to choose to dress well or dress in an "ethical" way. Ecological clothing is now at levels of quality also from an aesthetic point of view that do not make it necessary to give up our "vanity". Or to the simple and healthy desire to have something beautiful on. It is more beautiful, of course, if those who produced it did not damage the environment and people.

Ecological clothing: what it is

Sometimes when you "stick" the adjective "ecological”The definition is suspicious and smoky. It is therefore better to clarify what it really and concretely means ecological clothing. This category includes all those items of clothing that have been made with vegetable fibers or with the fleece of animals without the use of pesticides and chemicals harmful to the environment or to the health of those who work the garment and whoever uses it. is wearing.

There are regulations on this to understand what can be said ecological and what not, it is not a "discretion" assessment. There is the EU Reg. 2092/91 and its additions as a reference on the agricultural phase, while the following is based on the Standards for Organic Textiles.

Ecological clothing: the difference between synthetic and natural garments

Created to transform into concrete objects, clothes, for example, the ideal of sustainable development of a society in order to generate well-being in the present and also in the future, ecological clothing produces natural garments that clearly differ from synthetic ones. It is not a theoretical line that divides them. In order to define a natural and ecological garment, the cultivation and collection of the raw material, cleaning, spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing are controlled. All these steps must have a minimal environmental impact, they must not include mistreatment of animals or people. This does not mean that natural garments are of quality, long-lasting and never harmful to the skin of those who wear them and those who produce them.

Eco-friendly sportswear: Italian Rewoolution excellence

Italy, a country of style, also famous in the field of fashion, also boasts excellence in the field of ecological clothing. Rewoolution is a reality that has always chosen quality since 1865, never wanted to move from Croce Mosso where in its factory over the years it has been able to combine artisan tradition and eco-sustainable innovation. This company twice a year offers collections with about 2,500 fabric variants but always respecting the environment and with a refined and modern style.

The "green" side is taken care of from the beginning to the end of production. From the selection of the wools to the combing of the fleece which is then collected in soft ribbons which are transferred to the dyeing department to take on the desired color. The next step is spinning, then the yarn is coupled with another in the twisting department and stretched on the loom to the real fabric for finishing, a step that serves to improve its appearance and softness. The result is an ecological garment made of light material, pleasant to the touch but also elastic and resistant. Perfect for classic men's high fashion.

Natural fiber clothing: an eco-sustainable choice

Only the fact that the Reda wool mill is the only one in the world to be EMAS certified makes the idea of eco-sustainability which has reached its production. If EMAS does not tell you anything, it is better to specify that it is an eco-management system that ensures compliance with the limits imposed by law and also a continuous commitment to improve environmental performance. In its being green, this company respects the environment in a broad sense, therefore flora, fauna, people who work there and people who wear its garments. On his site you can also find an explicit one Environmental Declaration for the protection of the environment which tells how Reda ensures compliance with environmental regulations, protects the environment by assessing all environmental impacts and identifying improvement objectives, and reduces the use of natural resources as much as possible.

The commitment continues by preventing or reducing the production of pollutants and increasing employee awareness of environmental issues. And transparency: maximum also on documents concerning its environmental policy.

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