Bone meal as a fertilizer

Bone meal as a fertilizer

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Bone flour: where to buy and what is this for fertilizer widely used inbiological agriculture.

Bone meal, what is it

Therebone mealis a compound consisting ofpulverized animal bonesand sometimes from other waste products. This material is widely used asfertilizerin organic farming but also asnatural supplementfor feeding livestock (it is a source of phosphorus and proteins).

Once upon a time, thebone mealit was used asdietary supplementalso for man. It was considered a mineral supplement and source of calcium, however, studies conducted in the 1980s showed that thebone mealcould bring toxic compounds.

Bone meal as a fertilizer

Therebone mealbrings phosphorus, calcium and nitrogen. The ratio of these minerals and therefore their quantities, can vary widely depending on the source used.

The ratio of nitrogen to phosphorus is generally 3:15 or 2:22. Therebone mealit does not provide potassium but is afertilizerexcellent when it comes to calcium intake.

Thanks to its high calcium intake, thebone mealit is used as a soil improver to favor the development of plants by modifying the pH reaction of the soil.

The high calcium intake, in fact, can decrease the acidity of the soil by increasing the pH levels.

In addition to football, thebone mealprovides a good quantity of phosphorus while, as seen in the reports, the quantities of nitrogen are discrete.

How to fertilize with bone meal

Bone meal can be incorporated into the soil like any powdered fertilizer: just bury it with a more or less deep dig depending on the purpose.

It is not soluble in water so it tends to remain in the soil for a long time. While this is an advantage on the one hand, it can also be seen as a limitation. How?

If you use thebone meallikefertilizerfor a plot of land, this will remain in the soil for 2 or 3 years. Consequently, that land cannot be used for thecultivationof acidophilic plants such as rhododendrons, camellias, azaleas… It is used inbiological agriculturefor the fertilization of those lands intended to host fruit plants and other plants greedy for calcium and which love alkaline soils.

The properties of thebone mealare closely related to the raw material used during the production process.

If only high temperatures (or organic solvents) are used for bone sterilization we speak ofnatural fertilizer.

However, for the production, chemical solvents are sometimes used for the degreasing, degelatination of animal bones and disinfection processes (to inactivate pathogens present in the carcasses of sick animals).

Bone meal, where to buy it

Theresalebone meal has become very rare! Thisfertilizerit is not easily found in garden centers. Forbuy ityou can go to specialized agricultural consortia or by using the web sale.

On Amazon, in fact, there are severalfertilizersbased onbone mealfor use inbiological agricultureor to modify and increase the pH of the soil intended for the cultivation of certain ornamental plants.

Among the various products offered on Amazon we point out thebone meal "Flower" which can be bought with € 18.72 and free shipping. For all information on quantity and product you can visit the official page:"Natural fertilizer harina de huesos".

Harina de Huesos, in Spanish, means bone meal. We have recommended this Spanish product because it is cheaper (with one package you can fertilize 20 square meters of land), but feel free to do your evaluations and choose the product that best meets your needs.

Meat and bone meal as feed

For feeding cattle, the subject of much controversy, was thebone and meat meal. Even today, bone and meat meal are used as an ingredient in livestock feed. Bones and meats (what remains of animal carcasses) are ground and dried for the preparation of these organic flours.

Theremeat and bone mealwas banned until 2012. The ban took effect after countless cases ofBSE(bovine spongiform encephalopathy), better known asmad cow disease.

The onset of the disease has been linked to the use of feed based onmeat floursto feed livestock. Thinking about it is terrifying: the carcasses of animals (even sick ones) are slaughtered, reduced to dust and used to feed the animals that we humans eat!

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