Cultivation of marjoram

Cultivation of marjoram

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Advice on cultivation of marjoram and on how to exploit the properties of this medicinal plant. Features, benefits and active ingredients.

Therecultivation of marjoramit is a simple practice that can take place starting from seeds, from clumps taken directly from another plant or by cutting. Therecultivation of marjoramit is possible eitherin pot, both in the garden.

This plant does not have many needs for the type of soil but it is essential to keep it in a sunny position.

Marjoram, characteristics of the plant

Its botanical name isOriganum majorana, synonym of Majorana hortensis. It belongs to the Labate family and is a highly appreciated medicinal plant for its characteristics and properties.

Let's talk about oneofficinal plantwith a bushy habit, 25-50 cm high. The roots are fasciculated and the leaves are oval, grayish-green in color. To the touch, the leaves are almost cottony.

The flowers are small, white or slightly pink. The period offlowering of marjoramfalls between July and September.

Marjoram, property

Thanks to his property, themarjoramit is a plant widely used in herbal medicine, phytotherapy, aromatherapy and in cosmetics, as well as, of course, in the food sector. Theremarjoramis known forproperty:

  • Digestive
  • Carminative
  • Antispasmodic
  • Analgesics
  • Diuretic
  • Antirheumatic
  • Hypotensive
  • Skin purifiers

Among the active ingredients that make such possiblepropertyand benefits, we point out terpineol, tannins, rosmarinic acid, vitamin C and resins.

Cultivation of marjoram

It is very easygrow marjoramwith direct sowing, in the open field or in pots. In this case, the soil will need to be reasonably loose and free of weeds. For sowing in the open field it is possible to proceed in April.

Sowing of marjoram

If you have purchased a sachet ofmarjoram you can proceed with sowing in pots or in seedbeds.

1) Marjoram seeds should be sown at the beginning of spring in southern Italy and in the middle, at the end of April, in the north. For those who decide to grow marjoram in pots, you can sow marjoram in a compote formed in equal parts of fertile soil and sand.

2) Bury the marjoram seeds a few millimeters deep. The sowing depth is established by calculating double the diameter of the seed and ... considering that the marjoram seeds are very small, you just need to move them into the ground with a piece of wood or with the same hands.

3) Keep the seedbed (or pot) in the shade and cover it with a transparent plastic sheet or a glass plate to warm the soil. Make thesowing of marjoramwhen outside temperatures are at least 13 ° C. Until germination, keep the soil moist. Irrigate with a nebulizer (a spray bottle!).

4) Who performed the sowing of marjoram in pot it will simply have to thin out and choose the plants to carry on. Those who have sown in the seedbed will have to choose the seedlings to transplant: the planting must be performed when the marjoram seedlings are at least 5 - 6 cm high.

5) If you intend to sow in the open field, work the soil well and sow making sure that the plants are then spaced about 30-50 cm both on the row and between the rows.

The germination of marjoram seeds in the open field will be much slower so we recommend sowing in seedbeds and then planting the seedlings when they are at least 5 - 6 cm high.

Marjoram seeds

Marjoram seeds are easy to find. Contact an agricultural consortium, a garden center or take advantage of online sales. On Amazon, a sachet of marjoram seeds can be bought for about 4.90 euros with shipping costs included in the price. For all information, please visit the official Amazon page: sachet of marjoram seeds.

Multiplication of marjoram by cutting

Multiplication bycutting of marjoramit must be performed in June. Take an 8 - 10 cm long cutting from the non-flowering basal shoots. Plant the cutting in a mixture of peat and sand and keep it in a cool greenhouse at about 10 ° C. Transplant when the cuttings have rooted.

Cultivation of marjoram in pots

If you intend to grow pot marjoram, supplement the guide just illustrated with the information contained in the article dedicated to pot marjoram.

Marjoram, property beneficial and nutritional

Thanks to hisproperty, this herb is widely used in herbal medicine, in aromatherapy and in the cosmetic industry. In do-it-yourself remedies it is used to treat migraines in a natural way. All information:Marjoram, property.

How to store marjoram

Marjoram can be preserved by drying it or it can be kept fresh by making special preparations in the freezer or with oil and salt. Those who want to preserve the flavor of marjoram can use it to flavor the oil.

How to use marjoram in cooking, fresh or dried

Marjoram can be used fresh or dried: it is the ideal condiment to flavor pizzas, stewed meats, fillings, meatballs, savory pies, mushrooms, legumes, sauces, mixed or tomato salads, cheeses, omelettes, shellfish ... it is also useful for flavor the vinegar and oil. Used fresh, it is particularly suitable for enriching fish-based dishes: try to chop it finely and flavor it with lemon juice.

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