Educational farm in Catania: the land of Bò

Educational farm in Catania: the land of Bò

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La terra di Bò educational farm: an important educational reality immersed in a splendid natural setting on the slopes of Etna.

There the Terra di Bò educational farm was born in 2010 from an intuition of Milena Viani, Earth Pedagogist, whom he identifies on the farm Villa of Bella a fertile ground to support outdoor teaching, promote personal growth and enhance the natural resources of the area. It is a project of environmental and cultural education which aims to bring young people closer to the world of nature, in order to develop ethical change in them through cooperative learning experiences.

The land of Bò it becomes so an outdoor ecology classroomwhere tradition, well-being, creativity and culture converge. Where it is possible to spend days of absolute relaxation and moments of social gathering from strong emotional impact.

La terra di Bò educational farm: paths with schools

The land of Bò mainly promotes teaching with schools, of all levels, operating in the province of Catania at the three farms of the Di Bella family: Villa Di Bella (Viagrande), Hermitage S. Emilia (Trecastagni), Passitti (Belpasso).

On the basis of the chosen path, children and young people are hosted, from time to time, in one of the three companies to carry out diversified activities, but all in any case oriented towards respect for the environment, knowledge of agriculture and the adoption of a diet correct. THE educational paths are divided by seasons and age groups and can be made both outside and inside the educational farm.

For parents accompanying their children, there is also the possibility of being personally involved in the various paths and in all those activities that allow them to acquire ecological knowledge. Fundamental to knowing how to better orient yourself in the surrounding environment.

Below is a list of the activities that can be carried out within theeducational farm:

  • Grapes and juice of joy
  • it's just a ray of light
  • It boils and simmers
  • Twill weaving and the water cycle
  • My grandmother ate flowers
  • From sowing wheat to bread
  • the vegetable garden of a loafer
  • Small circus
  • From seed to fruit
  • Chlorophyll and its photosynthesis
  • The toy shop
  • The tree and its life cycle
  • Five + two = 7 senses
  • Weave plots
  • The spiral of aromatic plants
  • The second life of things
  • The harmony of nature
  • Compost and the decomposition cycle
  • Raw earth and cooked earth
  • Meteorology
  • Natural dyes
  • Natural treasure hunt
  • Harvest time
  • Leonardo's workshop
  • Journey into the elements of nature
  • The bee society
  • Vegetable garden and art

In land of Bò young people therefore learn to "know how to do" and "know how to be" by establishing a true and profound contact with nature. In fact, through play, they develop creativity and manual skills becoming active protagonists of their growth process.

La terra di Bò educational farm: events and initiatives

There the Terra di Bò educational farm it also organizes events and initiatives aimed at the theme of sustainability, healthy food and conscious living. In this sense the Sundays of Bò are a real guarantee! In fact, on the last Sunday of each month, all the producers of the area that deal with organic and handicrafts are hosted to present their eco-compatible proposals, with the aim of creating a space for comparison and sharing of flavors, ideas and objects accessible to all.

Furthermore, activities dedicated to:

  • nature holidays and adventure campus
  • theatrical and musical reviews
  • creative workshops and bo 'labs
  • training courses
  • Days for companies
  • Welfare
  • Parties and activities for families

There the Terra di Bò educational farmadheres to the regional networks of “Social farms"And"Educational farms " and to national network “Gardens of Peace“, Thus perfectly fitting into the logic of possible synergies between the natural, agricultural and experiential world.

For further information visit the official website:

Curated by Christel Schächter



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