Grow blueberries in pots

Grow blueberries in pots

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Grow blueberries in pots: indications for the cultivation of blueberries in pots. Treatments, diseases, when to irrigate and all the necessary advice.

It's possible grow blueberries in potsbecause these plants have shallow roots that can easily adapt to a small space.

It is possible to grow any variety of blueberry in pots, but as a matter of limited space, you can prefer dwarf varieties.

Blueberry cultivation:from planting to harvest

For blueberry planting, buy 2-3 year old plants: the bushes start producing blueberries from the fourth year of age. A blueberry plant that reaches full maturity (8-10 years) can produce between 1 and 5 kilograms of fruit. An excellent yield for a potted plant!

Potted blueberry,the most suitable varieties

Not all blueberry varieties are suitable forcultivation in pots. In the article dedicated toblueberry cultivationwe have made a rich overview of early, medium-early, medium-late and late varieties. We have seen that there are some varieties of blueberry which, in order to bear fruit, need many hours of cold. In this paragraph we will limit ourselves to pointing out the varietiesdwarfswhich lend themselves best to cultivation in pots.

  • Top Hat
    It is a dwarf variety, bush growing, very suitable for growing in pots.
  • Sunshine Blue
    It is a semi-dwarf variety, it always develops like a bush but with more abundant vegetation than the previous one, it is suitable for growing in pots.
  • Chippewa
    It is a medium height variety, recommended if you do not have space problems.

Growing blueberries in pots:repotting and soil

Thereblueberry plantit will have to be repotted after purchase, for the first two years a container with a diameter of at least 30 cm will suffice. In the third year, do a repotting by transferring the plant to a container of 50 - 60 cm.

Theblueberryit is very demanding in terms of soil, so use a specific blend. A good soil must be given by:

  • 40% untreated moss peat
  • 40% shredded coconut fiber
  • 20% perlite
  • a handful of sulfur for each plant

If you don't have all the material already, you can buy ready-made fertile soil for growing acidophilic plants.

How to grow blueberry in pots:the needs of the plant

The blueberry needs a sunny position (exposure in full sun) and, both in summer and in winter, mulch the soil of the pot.

Use acidic mulch such as compost of oak leaves, pine needles or bark.

The soil must always be kept moist but you must NEVER use tap water for irrigation. Tap water is calcareous and will tend to increase the pH of the soil, causing damage and nutritional imbalances to the plant. To irrigate the blueberry, use the water from the conditioner, distilled water, rain water, water corrected with vinegar or water left to stand for at least 48 hours. For all information: irrigation of acidophilic plants.

If you notice that the soil pH reaction exceeds a value of 5, administer iron sulfate to prevent diseases such as ferric chlorosis.

Fertilize theblueberry in potwith fertilizers for acidophilic plants. With the cultivation of blueberry in pots, fertilizers must be administered with a certain frequency. Fertilize every 4 - 6 weeks after the first repotting of the plant (after purchase).

For thepot cultivation of blueberry, it will be necessaryprune the plantto ensure a good replacement of vegetation and above all to contain the size of the plant. Pruning is done in early spring each year.

On the disease and pest front, the blueberry is very sensitive to the fruit fly. For prevention it is possible to cover theblueberry cropswith fine mesh protective nets (the net must have 0.8 mm meshes to prevent the fruit fly from reaching the blueberries to lay eggs). For all information on diseases and prevention, please refer to the dedicated pageBlueberry Diseases.

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