Pony: characteristics and breeds

Pony: characteristics and breeds

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Pony: even if it is said "Smart as a pony", let's not stop at this stereotype, even if it has some basis of truth, because they are very interesting animals to know. If only for how their history has been intertwined with that of the human race for centuries. And by the number of Pony breeds existing today in various parts of the world, with such peculiar characteristics that they do not seem to belong to the same category. Smart are smart, yes, all of them: they show great survival skills and a very reactive intelligence.

Pony: characteristics

To say that I am one miniature of horses, it would be too simplistic, because between these two animals there are similarities but also many differences. This means that even mating is not always possible, only some, within the same species.

For example, one Shetland, very small, can be paired with one Shire, very large horse, only because both of the species Equus caballus. What must be clear is that when it comes to Pony, it means a species in itself and certainly not deriving from horses, on the contrary, in most cases the vice versa is valid.

Among the distinctive features of these quadrupeds we find the physical endurance, robustness and frugality. They have long been inhabitants of the Earth and have been at our side for almost as long. Those who do not know them well describe them as horses with reduced dimensions, for years and still today, this mistake has been made, despite the Fédération Équestre Internationale tried to clarify by stating that a horse can only be defined as a pony when it measures less than 151 centimeters.

In some cases, however, the confusion persists, because when specimens with a height at the withers between 140 and 151 centimeters, often in official competitions they are referred to as horses and compete in that category instead of pony.

Ponies: breeds

We forget the primitive equines, because the current pony breeds they are very different and we can find them similar to those of the horses deriving from them. This is true with some exceptions that show an aspect still very similar to the ancestors of the species, in particular we can refer to races such as the Exmoor, the Norwegian Fjord, the Mongolian Pony.

Over the centuries, many breeds have been born that have taken on different characteristics from time to time, depending on the environment and climate, but also on the use we have made of them. It seems impossible that it is the Falabella, small and fragile, both the Fjord, massive and full of muscles, are both ponies.

The first is evident that it does not have the fabric of a working animal but it looks great on a farm as a toy dog, or in a park, to be admired by children, on the contrary the Fjord has always given a great hand to those populations who use it by working the fields, pulling wagons and carrying loads and people on their backs.

In recent decades, the working breeds are less and less in demand while the saddle breeds, bred for recreational or aesthetic purposes, on the contrary, are more popular than ever. This is why races are born created by crossing the old, solid ponies with smaller sized Arabs and English Thoroughbreds, designed to be "cute" and docile, easy to train. It doesn't matter if they don't know how to work in the fields.

Pony: size

Officially you are not horses but you are P. if you are measures less than 14.2 palms. Translated into centimeters, this limit sounds like 147 cm since each palm is equivalent to 4 inches and 10.16 cm, but this criterion is not enough to frame the animals we are talking about. In fact, it seems that in ancient times, all members of the equine genus or almost, were lower than the limit, but today their descendants are horses to all effects.

Pony: price

The prices of a Pony they cannot be estimated unless the breed is indicated. There are those for work and those for fun, common breeds and rare breeds. And in any case, the cost also changes with gender and age. If, on the other hand, we are satisfied with a soft toy, rainbow, 5 euros are enough and we also get it through Amazon, to keep or to give as gifts.

Pony and My Little Pony

For those of my generation, or parents of those of my generation, it is now impossible not to connect the ponies to those characters who were so popular among the girls of the Eighties, little colorful ponies who lived in magical boxes full of pastel colors and glitter . Maybe, who knows, some horse lovers started at that moment and with here really imaginative toys to harbor a passion for these animals

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