Dry the laundry in the house

Dry the laundry in the house

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Dry the laundry in the houseit is not an impossible feat! Here are some simple solutions for drying laundry in the winter, even when it's raining outside.

In winter, when we are struggling with washing in the washing machine and we have our son's aprons to dry quickly, we are willing to do anything for a little sun!

But yet,to dry the laundry at home, quickly, it is not an impossible undertaking. Inexpensive strategies and accessories come in handy that can make our life easier.

Dry the laundry in winter

Those who have space outdoors canallow the laundry to dryin the open air even when it rains. When it rains, clothes can only dry if it is windy, otherwise it's not even worth trying.

To dry the laundry outside in the rain, you will have to organize yourself with a special shed or place a simple protective plastic (high-weight PVC) film on the drying rack.

The alternative to plastic covers and sheets is to let wet laundry dry inside the house.

Drying laundry at home: humidity control

Warning! This practice is recommended only for those who do not have problems with mold and humidity at home. If you have heaters, by drying the laundry at home you will be able to humidify the air and make the home environment more comfortable. The heaters make the indoor air very dry and a little extra humidity will not hurt, on the contrary, it will benefit the respiratory tract!

On the contrary, if the environment of your home is very humid,dry the clothes insidenot a wise idea. In the long run, moisture (or worse, mold) may form on the walls or ceiling.

As a precaution, remember toventilate all domestic environments well. The air exchange will help you to regulate the humidity level and prevent the formation of stains on the walls. If the walls of your home are very dated, consider redoing the plaster or buying a dehumidifier.

Avoid dry laundry in the house, in rooms already subject to the release of vapors, so avoid placing the drying rack in the bathroom or kitchen!

Dry the laundry with dryer and washer dryer

These are the ideal solutions even if they are more expensive. It solves the potential problem of humidity in the home but requires an initial investment for the purchase.

To get an idea of ​​the prices and initial considerations to make before purchasing a washer-dryer, we refer you to the articlehow to choose a dryer.

Useful tips:
if you dry your laundry at home, keep in mind that part of the residual detergent on your laundry will be released into the domestic air and then inhaled by those who live in the house. It is not a pleasant idea ... that "good clean smell", unfortunately, is not natural at all and can hide pitfalls. It can cause irritation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, dermatitis, sensitization and allergies. When washing laundry to be left to dry inside the house, use less soap than usual or use natural products. Marseille soap (the real one, not “Marseille-scented) can be a good alternative to more aggressive detergents.

Drying laundry at home: alternative solutions to the dryer

An alternative solution to the dryer, much appreciated by those who wantdry laundryin tight times, it is the "electric balloon" or "dryer balloon". This appliance uses electricity to generate a flow of hot air to dry clothes. You do not fall into the problem of humidity because the condensate is trapped in the same balloon.

To always have fresh and dry linen, every time you use it, you will need to remove and turn over the cover of the ball so as not to fall into problems such as bad smells.

Among the various products on the market we would like to point out the Dry Ballon electric clothes hanger, offered on Amazon at a price of 58.98 euros with shipping included in the price.

Useful link: Portable Electric Dryer Dry ballon Clothes Hanger

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