Terracotta floor maintenance

Terracotta floor maintenance

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Terracotta floor maintenance: what are the characteristics of this floor and how to eliminate any stains. Cleaning and polishing of the terracotta floor.

Each floor requires proper maintenance and also the cookedit is not without needs. Theterracotta floormanages to offer an intimate and warm environment that is both elegant and rustic. Thecookedit is often used for external flooring but also in the interiors of villas or country houses. To preserve the beauty of theterracotta flooring, careful maintenance must be followed.

Baked or raw clay floor

Thecookedit is obtained from the processing of clay extracted in quarries. The clay is used in fired or raw construction (raw clay floors), in both cases it is mixed with water and worked to form blocks that only take the shape of the tiles at the end of their production process.

For the production of the terracotta floor, the loaves are dried and then baked in ovens at very high temperatures. We know the final product: a very resistant material with high insulating properties.

Terracotta floor: it is porous after installation

Due to its characteristics, theterracotta floorrisksabsorb liquids(it is very porous, especially in the first days after laying) so for at least 90 days after laying, it must not be washed with water or other detergents.

If not treated correctly, the terracotta floor risks being porous and therefore damaging with liquids such as water and detergent.

90 days after installation, the technicians should apply a coat of impregnating agent to make the surface perfectly waterproof.

Another useful treatment, to make the terracotta floor more shiny and elegant, involves the use of a specific surface wax.

If the floor has been properly treated, it will no longer be porous and can be subjected to the classic ordinary cleaning. For the other characteristics of terracotta flooring, please visit the page: terracotta floors, advantages and costs.

If your terracotta floor is still a lotporous,it will probably have lost its surface layer of wax and impregnation. In this case you will have to renew it as described in the last paragraph of this page which will explain how to solve the problem ofporosity of the terracotta floor.

How to clean a terracotta floor

A well-impregnated and waxed terracotta floor can be cleaned like any other floor. Just clean the surface with a broom (or vacuum cleaner) and wash it with soapy water. We recommend using a neutral soap such as natural Marseille soap, in flakes to be diluted in warm water.

After washing the floor, we recommend wiping it with a soft dry cloth.

How to remove stains on terracotta floors

In case of stubborn stains, you can use a mixture of water, white wine vinegar and a few drops of dish soap. Arm yourself with a soft sponge, impregnate it with the mixture and exert friction near the stain. Marseille soap can also be a good ally interracotta floor maintenance, washing away the stains left by plant residues.

Terracotta floor maintenance

Floor maintenance: as with many other floors, the terracotta one also goesrenewed once a year. If the terracotta floor is old and of high quality, the process must be carried out every semester.

Periodic maintenance of theterracotta floorrequires a new coat of wax but only after removing the old surface layer. Here's how to proceed:

  • Carry out a careful surface cleaning.
  • With a specific solvent, remove the residues of the old wax.
  • Use a saltpeter to remove any traces of putty or saltpetre.
  • With a brush (or a more comfortable polisher) spread the specific wax chosen according to the tone of your terracotta floor.

To protect the terracotta floor, after polishing with wax, industry experts recommend carrying out a further painting using a specific impregnate forporous surfaces.

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