How to clean flower beds

How to clean flower beds

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How to clean flower beds: instructions oncleaning of flower beds to eliminate weeds and always keep them tidy. Cleaning the flower beds and the vegetable garden.

Weeds grow everywhere: in flower beds, in the vegetable garden or on the lawn. Weeds steal nutrients from the plants we grow, make the garden messy and give the entire garden a sense of neglect. The weeds to be countered with greater determination are the broad-leaved ones which, with their taproot roots, are able to penetrate deep into the ground "making scorched earth" of nutrients to the plants that surround them.

How to clean the flower beds from weeds

Weed is not just an aesthetic problem, let's talk aboutspontaneous plantsthat growing in our garden and in our flower beds, damage and suffocate our crops.

To eliminate the weeds we can use aweeder, a tool given by a lamina that, dragged on the ground, cuts and tears off the weeds. The weeder is very useful even if ineffective when it comes to broad-leaved weeds: due to the deep tap root, these must be removed with a hoe or with a more complex but comfortable grubber.


The weeder, visible in the photo above, must be used so that the blade scrapes the ground. By scraping the ground, this tool offers surface cleaning. The weeder works in three ways:

  • cut off the strongest plants.
  • Pull younger weeds with shallower roots out of the ground.
  • Eliminates stones that are on the surface.

A weeder is a very economical tool. You can buy it in any garden center, from the nursery and even in some hypermarkets. There is no shortage of excellent online shopping proposals. On Amazon, a good weeder can be bought at a price of 9.14 euros with free shipping. This is the Connex FLOR50715 weeder, made of steel and suitable for all types of soil (we tested it with the most difficult, clayey soils!). The only advice, since it is made of steel, it is advisable to associate it with a light handle so as to tire your arms less.

Its diameter makes it perfect for cleaning the area between the various plants grown in the garden and in the flower beds.


Unlike the weeder which operates mainly on the surface, the grubber penetrates the soil and removes weeds by tearing them at the root. It is important, when using the grubber, to act directly on the weed to be removed so as not to risk damaging the plants in the garden.

The grubber is ideal for eliminating weeds from the deepest roots. Dandelions, thistles, large-leaved weeds ... Unlike the weeder, the weeder is more difficult to find in nurseries and garden centers.

Also in this case we offer you a product with an excellent quality / price ratio: theAMOS steel grubber is offered on Amazon at a price of 27.99 euros with shipping costs included in the price. It has very robust steel claws to grab the root from multiple directions. On the base it has a platform on which it will be necessary to exert pressure with the foot to penetrate the ground and eradicate the root of the weeds. Its use is very simple and thanks to the long handle it allows you to eradicate weeds at the root, remaining in an upright position, without having to bend down and wear gloves. It has a practical expulsion system that will allow you to better dispose of the weed just pulled away.

Cleaning the flower bed by hand

If you don't like the idea of ​​using garden tools or, more rationally, you have a very dense vegetable garden and can't use the tools just described, you can aim for manual weeding. The intervention with the hands to weed out is the most operationtiringof the vegetable garden. Wear gardening gloves to protect your hands and nails.

How to keep flower beds clean

To keep a clean flowerbed, after removing all weeds, we recommend covering the surface of the soil with mulch. A three-centimeter layer of bark or other mulch material is enough to keep the weeds from invading the soil again.

For more detailed instructions for cleaning the entire garden (bbq area, benches, walls, flower boxes ...), please read the guideHow to clean the garden.

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