Painting clay pots

Painting clay pots

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Painting clay pots: instructions on how to paint terracotta pots to better decorate them. Creative recycling ideas to give new life to old terracotta pots, whether they are whole or broken!

Painting clay pots it can be an excellent idea to renovate the terrace or give a new look to old pots. The same strategy can be applied to paint plastic pots or containers.

How plastic is painted

With the right enamel it will be possible to paint both terracotta pots and plastic containers; if you have already tried to paint plastic with a simple paint, you know that painting on a plastic support tends to flake after a short time. Then cHow to paint plastic pots? For paint plastic pots it is possible to use acrylic paints, tempera or indelible markers… everything is fine! There is only one precaution to follow: spread a cementite base, an effective adhesion.

Cementite will save you from passing many coats of paint and is used as an adhesion for difficult substrates such as plastic or resins. At the end of the painting, it will be necessary to finish with a layer of transparent enamel that will protect the decorations for a long time.

How to paint clay pots

With terracotta pots you do not need to use cementite or other adhesives. Fordecorate clay potsyou can use different types of colors:

  • tempera
  • acrylics
  • colors for cold ceramics
  • solvent-based enamels (not recommended)

Before painting:
as with any type of decoration, the first thing to do is to prepare the substrate! Whether you use aclay potnew, both if you use aold clay pot, sand the entire surface to dampen and eliminate any imperfections.

The procedure to follow differs according to the paints used. For example, the colors for cold ceramic must be fixed in firing at low temperatures that can be easily reached using the home oven. Acrylic paints do not need to be set in the oven, so if you use acrylic paints, just follow step 1 and step 2.

What you need to paint terracotta pots

  • very fine-grained sandpaper
    you will need it to smooth the surface of the vase
  • Laundry brush
    you will need it to better clean the internal and external surface of the vase
  • Transparent primer (optional)
    the primer will only serve you if the terracotta pot is handmade. Homemade clay pots tend to be more porous and excessively absorb color
  • Flat tip brushes
    the brushes must be compatible with the type of paint and also with the size of the substrate to be painted
  • Scotch paper (optional)
    if you are not good at freehand decorations, you will need some paper tape or stencils to create regular designs and patterns
  • Glitter and other decorations (optional)
    To make the clay pot brighter, you can use glitter gel or glitter varnish.

How to paint a terracotta vase

Phase 1
Clean the pot, sand and pass the laundry brush. The brush must be passed both inside and outside. Phase one serves to make the surface uniform and free of dust.

In the case of homemade or particularly absorbent clay pots, apply a transparent primer to make the surface less porous.

Step # 2
Proceed with the decorations by hand or with the stencil technique. Decorating with stencils is very convenient because it allows you to obtain beautiful effects, patterns ordrawingswith minimal effort.

Step # 3
If you have used cold colors for ceramics, you must finish the operation by leaving the jar to dry for 24 hours and then proceed with a "cooking in the oven" for 30 minutes at a temperature of 130 - 15 ° C.

If you decide to superimpose different colors, it will be necessary to respect the drying times of each coat of color (24 hours) before putting the jar back into the oven as described above.

To recycle old broken clay pots, you can use the guide:recycle clay pots.

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