Paint the bathtub, driving

Paint the bathtub, driving

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How to paint bathtub:instructions on how to repaint the ceramic, fiberglass or cast iron bathtub. From the enamel to choose to the preparation of the tub.

All thebathtubs, whether they are incast iron, fiberglass or ceramic, over time, tend to lose their luster or even turn yellow.

Enamel for bathtub

Who wantsenamel the bathtubmust pay attention to the product to choose.

Theenamelsto use forrepaintthe bath tuband the other sanitary fixtures, are composed of two components, a proper enamel and a catalyst.

These glazes are easy to apply and must be used at the time of preparation: you just need to mix the two components (glaze and catalyst) very carefully and use them within 6 - 12 hours.

For some time now, especially forcast iron tanks, are spreadingceramic glazesready to use, which do not require any preliminary mixing.

Thenail varnishfor bathtubof typetwo-componentis suitable for any type of tub:cast iron tub, ceramic tub and fiberglass tub.

There are many manufacturers that offer two-component enamel for sanitary ware, among the various products we point out the kitRecover and Renew of Saratoga.The kit includes the resin (white enamel) the catalyst, sandpaper and a stick to mix.

How to paint bathtub

What you need forrepaint the bathtub:

  • Roller brush or paintbrush
  • Descaler and degreaser + rags
  • Masking tape
  • Old newspapers
  • Two-component enamel for sanitary ware
  • Wand for mixing the two-component
  • 400 grit sandpaper

How to proceed for paint the bathtub:

The success of the operation depends on the preparation of the fund; don't get it wrong: ittwo-component enamel for sanitary wareit does not need primer or base paints but it needs to be used on a perfectly clean surface.

If necessary, there is sandpaper but you will not need this forsand the bathtub, but to obtain a high quality finish.

Clean the tub

First, remove all traces of limescale on the surface of thebathtub. Use a specific descaler and thoroughly clean the tub. It might be useful to clean the tank with a solution of ammonia and water in order to eliminate any traces of grease.

Let it dry.

Protect unpainted areas

With the rubber tape, protect the perimeter of the tub and the chromed components (drain, knobs, taps…). Arrange newspaper on the floor to protect the tiles.

Preparation of the two-component

Add the catalyst to the enamel (be careful to dose only the amount of enamel you will use, once the two components have been combined, the paint will not be preserved) and mix for 5 minutes.


Apply the first coat with a brush or roller brush and let it dry. For a perfect result, sand very lightly with very fine sandpaper (400). Remove the dust and apply the second coat.

Let it dry waiting for the times indicated on the enamel package. The complete drying of the product is usually achieved after 24 hours but, to prevent the product from rising, cracking or splintering, we recommend that you wait 3 - 4 days before using thebathtub: the two-component reaches maximum hardness after 72 - 96 hours.

How to repair the bathtub

In case of cracks, chipping of the surface enamel or scratches, you can perform a repair with the appropriate sticks or tubes of ready-to-use enamel. These products are easy to find on the market and very easy to use.

Remember torepair the bathtubbefore painting it and even a little in advance, the sticks often need 24 hours to dry.

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