Hibiscus, cultivation and care

Hibiscus, cultivation and care

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Hibiscus, cultivationand useful advice on treatments, treatments and much more. When transplanting hibiscus and how to care for it in winter.

L'hibiscusis the symbol ofMalaysia. It belongs to the Malvaceae family and is native to Asia, Africa and Australia, today thehibiscushe also naturalized in Europe.

In Italy, the most common hibiscus is theibiscus syriacus(Hibiscus syriacus), a very popular ornamental species. In Italy, the species ofhibiscusmoschuetos palustris, rosa-sinensis and trionum.

Hibiscus in winter

The hibiscus in winter can risk death: not all ornamental varieties tolerate the cold well, so avoid growing it in areas exposed to frost. Cultivate thehibiscusin a sunny environment and to protect it from the cold, in winter, protect the pot or spread an abundant layer of mulch on the ground. choose the most rustic varieties of Hibiscus syriacus. For the more delicate ornamental varieties, the ideal temperature in winter should never drop below 15 ° C.

L'hibiscus it should be grown in an area well exposed to the sun and if you choose a less resistant ornamental variety, it will be necessary to provide for cultivation in pots and then move the containers to the shelter during the winter season. L'potted hibiscusit should be taken outdoors towards the month of May in the North and towards April in the South of Italy.

Hibiscus, cultivation and care


L'hibiscusit should be irrigated during the early morning hours or after sunset, in the period preceding flowering, you can administer a liquid fertilizer in conjunction with irrigation. Flowers are followed byfruits, of the woody berries that contain the seeds.

The land for those who want to grow hibiscus in pots

L'hibiscusthrives well in any soil, even poor and stony. Who cultivatespotted hibiscushowever, he must be careful to choose the most ideal substrate: a soil rich in humus, humid, permeable and above all well drained. If grown in pots, thehibiscusit should be repotted every 2 or 4 years according to the growth of the vegetation.

How and when to repot the hibiscus

Repotting, if the plant is young, must be done annually while if the plant is very mature, it is possible to providehibiscus transplantevery 2 or even 4 years when grown in large containers. The best time forrepot the hibiscusfalls in spring.

The new pot will need to be slightly larger than the old one. When choosing the new soil, we advise you to make a formulation equal to the substrate used previously. In the 48 hours preceding therepotting, abundantly irrigate the hibiscus: the ground, during thetransplant, it must be very humid so the roots will be able to hold a portion of soil that will serve to protect them during this delicate phase.

Diseases of the hibiscus

The new shoots, during the spring period, are often attacked by aphids. If you notice smoke or the massive presence of these small parasites, do not hesitate to use specific natural remedies. One of the preparations consists in dissolving 50 g of soap in 3 liters of water and pouring the liquid into the sprayer as soon as it is cold. Sprinkle the liquid all over the plant, taking care to wet the underside of the leaves as well.

Another very useful remedy for preventing the appearance of diseases on hibiscus is the use of garlic preparations. How to prepare a natural remedy to cure hibiscus or prevent the appearance of diseases and parasitic attacks? Take 100 grams of garlic and grind them finely then mix them in 10 liters of water in a container with a lid. Once this is done, leave to macerate for about three days beforehand. After this time, filter the mixture and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray on the plants without neglecting any leaves.

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