Vegan custard

Vegan custard

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Vegan custard:recipes for every need. Gluten-free vegan custard, lemon, vanilla, chocolate or Chantilly custard.

Therecustard orcustard,often called simplyyellow cream, is a preparation based on eggs, sugar, milk and flour… On this page we will overturn the classic recipe to offer you a very good vegan version, that is, without ingredients of animal origin.

Vegan custard, the recipe

Therevegan yellow creamit is easy to prepare, you will need a few ingredients such as:

  • 1 l. of vegetable milk
    recommended that of soy
  • 3 tablespoons of flour
    choose mas starch if you need custard for spoon desserts
  • 260 g of sugar
    I recommend organic cane sugar

Optional but recommended flavorings: 2 vanilla pods, grated lemon zest. Be careful to choose an untreated lemon!

  • 1) Mix all the ingredients together except the vanilla.
  • 2) Add the vanilla pods.
  • 3) Put the mixture in a saucepan and cook, stirring until the cream has completely thickened (about 10 minutes).

Vegan custard with children or other food processors

If you have a baby or other food processor, all you have to do is insert all the ingredients in the mixer glass (or monipimer), except lemon zest and vanilla. Operate the food processor or baby with the turbo speed blade. Resume from step 3 of the previous instructions.

Gluten-free vegan custard

Who has problems withceliac diseaseand intolerances togluten, can prepare thevegan gluten free custardgoing to replace the classic white beech marten, with gluten-free blends of flour for sweets. There are many gluten-free flour mixes on the market, an example is the Schar gluten-free flour mix, very versatile and perfect for preparing pastry creams, sponge cakes, biscuits or other gluten-free sweet products.

Do not worry, if you do not want to buy a mix of gluten-free flours, instead of soft wheat flour you can use flours that, by nature, do not contain gluten, namely: rice flour or corn starch. In particular, if prepared with a mixture of these two flours, thecustardit can be served as a spoon dessert. Rice flour and corn starch work as perfect thickeners and give the custard a more consistent appearance.

Vegan lemon custard

Therevegan custardwith lemon is obtained simply by adding to theyellow creamsome lemon juice and plenty of grated citrus peel.

Vegan chantilly cream

Therevegan chantilly creamit is prepared starting from the vegan yellow cream. After following our custard recipe, whip some vegetable cream, it must be very hard so work it a lot. Mix two equal parts of yellow cream (custard) and vegetable whipped cream. This cream is also calledDiplomatic cream and is perfect for filling cannoli, cream puffs and vegan cakes.

If you don't want to use the classic vegetable cream, you can make a healthier version at home, starting with your favorite vegetable milk. For all the instructions I invite you to read the page dedicated tovegetable cream.

Vegan vanilla custard

Therevegan vanilla custardit is obtained by adding to the ingredients listed above, two vanilla sticks to be infused during preparation. Alternatively, vanillin or vanilla extracts can be added.

Vegan chocolate custard

During preparation, just add a couple of tablespoons of bitter cocoa. Alternatively, while the cream is on the stove, you can add some extra dark chocolate flakes to melt and combine with the cream.

Vegan cake with sponge cake and custard

You have prepared thevegan custardand you don't know which dessert to use it with? Why not prepare an excellent cake, we will give you the recipe for sponge cake without eggs! For every information:Vegan sponge cake. There are several variations on the page: gluten-free, dairy-free and yeast-free recipes.

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