National Bicycle Day

National Bicycle Day

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National Bicycle Day, comes to pedals every year on the second Sunday of May. This year is May 14, it comes and often goes, with many good intentions that are repeated the following year. On the political and administrative level - as for cycle paths, dedicated areas, incentives and awareness campaigns - but also on the private level. “From tomorrow I go shopping by bike. From tomorrow I go to work by bike. Yes, yes, as soon as the heat arrives, cars in the pits, only healthy rides ”. And then? From11 May 2018 let's see what we can propose and achieve in a year for the National Bicycle Day.

National bicycle day: what is celebrated

A Sunday dedicated to this very green vehicle that I particularly love, is an appointment to raise awareness and promote initiatives in favor of one ecological and sustainable mobility. Not only on this date but that they can be continuous and possibly effective.

Every year, the National Bicycle Day promises to represent a turning point for what are the national and local policies currently engaged in a path that sees the bicycle at the center and, broadening the view, soft mobility with zero environmental impact.

Any initiative that falls into the National Bicycle Day it is a signal, a request or a question about the future of our cities but also the way to spend pleasant time together with our fellow citizens on a bike. The memory of a pleasant day spent like this can only help ensure that the cycle-mobility become an increasingly present practice. To forget every day where you put your car keys and not care.

National Bicycle Day: when it occurs

Since 2010, thanks to an initiative promoted by Ministry of the Environment, the second Sunday of May is celebrated throughout Italy the National Bicycle Day. In this 2018 it falls on May 11th, one week after Labor Day, between Mother's Day and in the beautiful flowered month of May.

On Sundays, always, and not as often happens, with a fixed date but a day of the week that flows. Here: so there are no excuses for not enjoying the whole National Bicycle Day in the saddle, pedaling and having fun.

The invitation is addressed to everyone, but especially to younger people who can approach the vehicle or understand that it is a "game" but that it can become a real life partner. Faithful, silent, who knows how to stay in her place but accompanies us everywhere, supporting us and making us stay in shape.

In National Bicycle Day we can also realize that it is possible to reach all our goals, within a radius of km, without polluting. Every year this appointment sees numerous initiatives involved in many Italian cities, dedicated above all to young people, promoted by the Municipalities and by various associations engaged in the promotion of cycling mobility.

National Bicycle Day: the FIAB

Speaking of committed associations, one cannot fail to mention FIAB (Italian Federation of Friends of the Bicycle), for years in the front row to promote the National Bicycle Day and many pro-bike initiatives. It is not just about initiatives, for this reality, but a constant and serious commitment hour by hour.

For 11 May, however, there is talk of a party, and a special party that turns 18: "Babies" (official site:, a bike ride now organized in over 200 cities in Italy, promoted by FIAB to reach even the young and the very young with his message.

The community and the political world are also in the "crosshairs" of the initiative so that they understand the increasingly current need to create green areas, cycle and pedestrian routes and traffic calming and speed reduction projects that transform our cities into bike-friendly areas. This year the motto is "the super heroes are coming", obviously with pedals!

National Bicycle Day 2018: the initiatives

Besides Babies - check that it is also available in your city and if necessary, ask for it for 2019! - around Italy every year there are public and private and hybrid initiatives, which honor the National Bicycle Day. The goal is always to root the daily use of bicycles wherever possible, and to promote their use by copying the countries of Northern Europe which, despite a much "bad" climate for cyclists, perform much more dignified than ours.

Let's remember, at least for the National Bicycle Day, how beautiful a city is with fewer cars and more bikes, with fewer parking spaces and more green areas. And we want to keep silent about all the benefits that our body has: at least for the costume test we could do an extra ride, right?

But it's not just a matter of aesthetics: cycling is ideal for burning fat, being a regular and low-intensity aerobic activity, it also helps to control blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides. If that's not enough, you'll see right in the National Bicycle Day which improves mood because even at the thought of Monday, depression will not come: cycling helps the release of endorphins and smiles.

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