Ants, natural repellents to keep them away

Ants, natural repellents to keep them away

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Ants, natural repellents to keep them away. The instructions to permanently solve the problem of ants in the house or in the garden.

Ants, natural repellents to remove or delete them. The remedies available to solve the problem of ant infestations.

Theantsthey do not invade your balcony because they love the color of the floor, nor do they enter your kitchen for your sympathy .... Theantsthey colonize only the areas where they find food. Eliminate the food and you will be rid of the ants!

It is true, the bestnatural repellentto ward off ants consists of hygiene and elimination of all those substances that could attract them.

Ants, natural repellents

Hygiene: house and garden management
As stated, your greatest ally is hygiene. Eliminate any food residues. Theants in the kitchenare a very common problem, especially for those who are not careful to accurately manage the organic bucket, food crumbs and worktops. A few invisible grains of flour are enough to attract an outbreak of ants!

After lunch, always clean the floors and all surfaces you have used for food processing.

To clean the balcony, you can use an alcohol and water solution to sprinkle along the baseboards, on the floor and on the railings.

The real problem arises when something out of your control is attracting ants: plant seeds, pollen, organic residues and debris typical of garden activities. In this case it will be necessary to remove the ants with specific repellents or even use synthetic repellents. We strongly advise against the use of spray insecticide which only eliminates the ants currently present in the area.

Coffee and talcum powder against ants
Coffee can create an effective barrier against ants. If we mix it with talcum powder, it becomes an even more effective repellent.

If ants infest the garden, the terrace and the balcony. Cultivated del tansy in pot, it has excellent repellent properties.

Lizards, frogs, hedgehogs
Lizards, insectivorous birds, frogs, toads and hedgehogs are the natural enemies of ants. They are great natural repellents, perfect for biological control.

Ants: repellents on the market

For keep away the ants from the garden and from home it is possible to take advantage of a series ofrepellentsmade available by various manufacturers. Not only baits and synthetic repellents, there is no shortage of natural products on the market. In this paragraph we will bring you two choices, one artificial and one natural.

Granular baitBayer garden
Let's start fromBaythion, the bait that first attracts ants and then destroys them. The ants, attracted by the bait, take it inside their den. It goes without saying that the bait is toxic and will gradually eliminate the entire nest of ants: 8 grams of this granular substance is enough to eliminate an entire anthill. The product was created for multiple uses, in the garden, lawn, balcony, cellar, bathroom, terrace… The 600 gram bottle is offered on Amazon at a price of 11.95 euros, with free shipping. The formulation has a very low concentration of insecticide because the granules come into direct contact with the environment in which the ants live: the nest.

Useful link: Bayer - Ant ant granular bait

Natural ant repellent
Who prefers a solutionless hard core, can choose a natural repellent that keeps ants away from our spaces. In this case it is necessary to use the product in the long term because its effect is not infinite over time and also varies according to atmospheric factors such as rain, wind, humidity ... It is used in all places where there is an infestation ofants or where prevention is intended. Just sprinkle the natural granular product in the place affected by the infestation. For a more decisive action you can increase the dosage. Born for domestic use, for the garden, flower beds and turf. The product can be purchased on Amazon at a price of € 15.90 with free shipping.

Useful link: Natural repellent in granules created to ward off ants

Those who do not love online purchases can find equally valid products at the trusted Garden Center. Other natural remedies to eliminate or ward off ants are available on the page:tips to keep ants away from home.

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