Painting a rusty railing

Painting a rusty railing

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How to paint a rusty railing: instructions, step by step, to recover an iron railing affected by rust.

Who wantspaint a rusty railinghas many options: he can decide to continuewithout sandingusing specific products for rusty iron, or you can continue by going toscratchrust and old layers of paintto perform a more complete restoration work. In this guide we will look at all the assumptions we have available forrenovate a rusty railing.

Before continuing with any repair or restoration, be sure to protect frompaintand from the dust all the objects surrounding therailing, including plants!

Cover the floor with paper and any plants with plastic sheets. Also protect your body starting from the eyes and respiratory system: wear a dust mask in the first phase and a solvent mask while applying the paint. Don't forget protective goggles and work gloves.

How to paint the railing

To remove the old paint from the railing you can use:

  • sand paper
  • wire brush
  • sander or drill with special disc
  • paint stripper

If therailing to be paintedhas traces of the old paint in poor condition, these can be removed with a metal brush.

Rust-affected paint tends to lift off easily. In addition to the metal brush, you can use sandpaper, while for large surfaces we recommend the use of a sander.

The sander is a rather cheap tool: lovers of online purchases can buy good models of sander even with a budget of 20 - 30 euros. The use of the sander forstripping the ironis simple: you just need to fix the sandpaper (special for the iron) to the special hooks located at the base of the sander. Hold the appliance with the special support if you pass it on the surfaces fromstrippingwithout applying any pressure. After "removed the bulk ", change the sandpaper to a finer grit one.

Forstripping the railingyou can use onegel paint remover. How to use paint stripper to remove paint from railing? iV simply apply the product over the entire surface to be treated with a brush. Let the paint remover act for the times indicated on the label and then remove thepaintusing a scraper.

Paint the rusty railing without sanding

It's possiblepaint the rusty railingwithout having to remove the rust first. In this context you should choose new generation anti-rust products (they are called rust converters) that go to cover the oxidized layer inactivating it.

Even if you do not have to sand, in this context, it will be useful to pass a scraper over the entire surface of the railing to remove the residues of the old paint that tend to rise.

Currently, chemical agents have spread on the market which convert the oxidized iron layer into an inert rivarniciaile material. This means that if you wipe the rust with a “converting” compound, the rust will disappear leaving room for a homogeneous black compound that you can paint in the color of your choice.

Among the various rust converters on the market, we point out the Ferox . This product can be found in all hardware stores with a price, for 750 ml bottles, that exceeds 20 euros. Online it is available at the price of 14.90 euros including shipping costs. Ferox does its job very well and as stated, creates a layer that can be easily repainted.

How to paint a rusty railing, other tips

Before proceeding to paint the railing, wipe the entire surface with a cloth soaked in white spirit and remove all dust. Dust could prevent the paint from sticking.

To continue with the painting work, please follow the instructions in the guide articleHow to paint metal.

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