The great opportunity to redesign ourselves as a Land-Fatherland

The great opportunity to redesign ourselves as a Land-Fatherland

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Everything that we are living in these difficult times shows us the importance of a green vision and we can clearly perceive the great fabric of the universe in which everything is intertwined.

As a Western civilization, we have tried to deny the great fabric and we have extolled individuality, we have invented social, political and economic formulas that generate distances and barriers, we have generated taxonomies of asymmetry. But now we realize that those fictions of absolute individualism, those myths of superiority are not such and this pandemic shows us that we are all interconnected without any distinction.

It doesn't matter where you are in the world, your happiness or your misery matters to me because we are one. It does not matter how much you can show your material success in the face of the democracy of the pandemic. No matter how anthropocentric you think you are, nature reminds you that we are nature.

Faced with the artificial disjunctions that we have created are the values ​​of unity, collaboration, dialogue, and synergies. Invaluable opportunity to rethink our world system. As conscience of nature we have the beautiful mission of the great universal redesign in which joyful human animals, non-human animals and earth beings enter to deliberate how to recover the fluidity of cosmic harmony.

In this harmonic ontology we can hear the voice even of those who have no voice but are part of the universal relationality. Animals, forests, mountains and rocks know how to smile if we put aside our ontological reductionism.

Paradoxically, being cloistered out of necessity makes us understand the value of freedom. But it is not only freedom in physical terms, but freedom in the broadest sense of the word, freedom to think, freedom to feel, freedom to propose beyond hegemonic thought and the domination of the media that made us believe that we were in the best of worlds and that there was nothing to move because that thought had brought us the success of economic growth.

We have felt first and foremost what it means to deny freedom to animals in zoos, in aquariums, in cages, in fish tanks, on farms in the name of our unlimited desires for control and dominance. Now we are the caged ones and we realize that cages are not required to be locked in thoughts that deny our interdependence with nature.

The moving and shocking images of the presence of animals in humanized terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems are telling us that it is we who have displaced and disturbed them.

We have transferred our character as conquerors of territories and cultures to the conquest and transformation of the habitats of animal species. But not only do we tear away their territories but we also attack them with rains of chemical substances that poison the soils, water, air and in this illusory war of domination of nature it is we who end up affecting our own possibilities of a full life but simply We do not want to see it thinking that later everything will be possible to reverse through technoscience.

To global shame we are seeing rulers of "developed" countries who prefer the "health" of the economy over the health of the people. Are these world leaders representatives of the success of our civilization? Or are they representatives of human stupidity?

We absolutely all want this situation to pass quickly. But we need to show ourselves and the world that something great has happened in personal and collective consciousness. We do not want this to mean a new missed opportunity to rethink how we want to establish our relationship with ourselves and with nature. We need to show ourselves and show the cosmos that we have learned.

If going back to normal means continuing to do what we've always done then I don't want to go back to normal. Or at least this normality that we have institutionalized.

I do not want to return to normality if the normal thing is that we continue to feel and act like the abusive owners of the earth, altering it, degrading it, destroying it, polluting it. If the normal thing is that we consider nature as resources, as goods that must continue to be exploited with productivity, efficiency and without ethical considerations. If the normal thing is that we decide the destiny and the life of plants and animals only to satisfy our desires or grow economically in an unlimited way. If the normal thing is that individualism, materialism, consumerism, wastefulness are rewarded. If the normal thing is that some concentrate everything and others are marginalized and ignored. If the normal thing is selfishness, apathy, indifference. If the normal thing is to live with corruption, privilege the personal good over the common good.

This is the great opportunity for humanity to recreate our senses, our purposes, our values ​​and our essence. More than lukewarm processes of greening, makeup, adjustments or partial and fragmentary accommodations, we need a genuine commitment to deep sustainability, taking into account that we are all part of the great universal warp that manifests itself in pluriverses.

It will never be easy to generate a collective feeling of a new consciousness because there are very powerful forces that want to maintain this unjust order for life but beneficial for their personal and group interests. But the advantage is that now there are many voices and feelings that without distinction of any kind are thinking that nothing will be the same. Let us take advantage of this energy of a new collective consciousness to dream and shape a universal civilization that honors our surname sapiens.

By Rodrigo Arce Rojas

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