Homemade ice cream with and without ice cream maker

Homemade ice cream with and without ice cream maker

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Homemade ice cream, to then enjoy it in company licking your mustaches, but also to spend time relaxing, perhaps with children who appreciate this type of "creative" and greedy games. Homemade ice cream is an excellent snack, especially with the guarantee that the ingredients are healthy. Even adults love it, not just children, and so you can decide what taste to create it without any limit. You can indulge yourself with tastes that others consider "not very commercial" but that we love. This is but one of the many advantages of homemade ice cream.

Homemade ice cream without ice cream maker

Just get a simple blender and the homemade ice cream is made, without the need to buy an ice cream maker or borrow it from a friend to satisfy your desire or gluttony. Homemade fruit ice cream is prepared with 250 g of liquid cream, 300 g of milk and lots of fresh seasonal fruit. Pour the milk and cream into special ice molds, put them in the freezer to reduce the volume of the contents so that it is easier to blend them.

There fruit should be washed and blended, meanwhile, and after an hour, if the milk and cream are frozen, we can blend them too and then put everything back together in a single container. Other tips for homemade ice cream are in ours in-depth article. There is something for every taste.

Homemade ice cream with ice cream maker

DIY ice cream with ice cream maker however, it is simple to prepare and gives excellent results. There are numerous models of ice cream makers and the process depends on them, of course it is a recommended purchase if we are lovers of the genre, because this device does not cost much and makes everything easier.

Homemade ice cream cake

A cake with homemade ice cream or with leftover ice cream, perhaps from a dinner the night before, it's a simple recipe to make. Just make a simple daisy cake, soft and light, and then stuff it in a multilayer way with ice cream. Alternatively, with homemade ice cream, advanced or not, you can prepare a delicious pudding. If we want to surprise, we can also prepare the pods to enjoy it with, whether they are cones or cup wafers, or with hazelnuts. With the ice cream you can also prepare biscuit ice cream, strictly homemade.

Homemade ice cream recipes

The ideas to create new ice cream flavors they are endless and also very personal, but we can draw some ideas from this book, also for sale on Amazon: "200 ice cream and sorbet recipes”.

Homemade ice cream without cream

Who forbids us to prepare del ice cream, at home, and without using cream? None, and the result will amaze us. You can follow vegan recipes, without products and derivatives of animal origin and for those who are lactose intolerant, and enjoy ice creams with fruit, chocolate or pistachio. You can then use milk, but without adding cream, perhaps cleverly replacing it with yogurt.

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