Grow bonsai from seed

Grow bonsai from seed

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How to grow bonsai from seed: instructions for growing bonsai from seed. Advice on which seeds to choose and how to speed up the process.

There cultivation of bonsai, allows us to obtain beautiful specimens of miniature trees and shrubs even if this requires a lot of patience and perseverance. In this regard we will show you chow to grow a bonsai following our directions.

Sowing bonsai, the best time

To have beautiful bonsai it is preferable to start with sowing.
The period best for sow bonsai it is autumn or spring.

You will need fine, soft and permeable soil mixed with at least 30% river sand.

Bonsai seeds

THE seeds you can take them from other plants or collect them in the woods. Among the trees and shrubs most suitable for the purpose we mention: oaks, willows, cypresses, apple trees, pines, cedars, lilac, love be careful not to plant more than one species in the same container.

Who prefers to buy materialsureor at fastergerminability, can buy seeds for the cultivation of bonsai already tested.

On Amazon or at specialized nurseries there is no shortage of ad hoc seeds and kits for growing bonsai starting from the seed. Among the various products I point out the one that in my opinion is the best.

Composed of 10 seeds of 5 different varieties and all with growth relatively quick (after 5 years you will already get a well-formed bonsai), biodegradable pots are provided, substrate for germination, two scissors to be used for defoliation and pruning. Of the five bonsai species in the kit, four are those shown in the photo above.

The grow kit ofseed bonsaiyou buy at a price of 16.90 euros with free shipping. For all information, I refer you to the product sheet:KIT of seeds and materials.

How to start growing bonsai from seed

Therecultivation of bonsaistarting from the seed is a very long practice and one that will test your determination.

I remind you that they do not existbonsai seeds, there are plant seeds that you are going to grow, indeed, toto breedshaped like a bonsai. For this reason thecultivation of bonsai from seedhas a big advantage: you can give the plant the shape and appearance you love most! Here's how to proceed.

Arrange the soil in special garden pots with a hole in the bottom, so that it can filter excess water.

Before placing the seeds on the soil, it is preferable to immerse them in water in order to facilitate gemination.

Some seeds may be in a state ofdormancytriggered from the plant hormone ABA in order to protect the integrity of the seed. In these cases you will have to make a stratification with a humid substrate of sand and peat and you will have to wait a period of one to six months. For certain seeds a mechanical intervention called "scarification" would be appropriate. With this practice you will eliminate the outermost integument layer of the seed allowing a faster rehydration.

The seeds should be covered with a thin layer of soil. How much land to cover? The thickness of the soil should be equal to the diameter of the seed itself.

Immediately after, water with plenty of water but be careful not to flood the container.

Place the pots outside, in a place protected from frost and in partial shade.

When you notice that the seedlings have produced some leaves, you can transfer them to temporary containers. The planting in classic bonsai pots can be done when the stem is strengthened.In fact, you can do it even earlier but the aesthetic effect is not the best when the stem is thin!

After about two years you can intervene on the branches and roots to give your trees and shrubs the desired shape.

How to fertilize a bonsai

Since bonsai live in a small container, even the richest soil is depleted, so you will have to apply constant fertilization to ensure the substrate has the right balance of nutrients, necessary for adequate nutrition.

Slow-release organic fertilizers are preferred, given that their composition provides a constant supply, also creating the optimal conditions for the life of useful organisms in the soil.

Styles, Ligatures and prunings

The hardest thing about thecultivationof abonsai, It's not a lotwhen and how muchirrigating is not the type of soil to use or the right fertilizer… the hardest thing isshape the plant.

Shaping abonsaiit requires the greatest investment in terms of commitment and patience. With thepruningnot only do you go toto containthe native form of thebonsaibut the tiny little tree in miniature can also be modified over the years.

We talk aboutspinningorbindingto intertwine the branches or to create a "C" curve of the main trunk or one of the branches. With thebindingand thepruningdifferent styles can be given to plants.

For eachbonsai, you will need to choose the shape based on the characteristics of the plant and based on the desired effect. Cultivation styles of thebonsaithere are many, to name a few: inverted broom (hokidachi), informal style (moyogi), on rock (ishizuki), wood (yose-uè), multiple trunk (kabudachi), prostrate or semi-cascade (hankeniani), cascade ( Kenyans) and raft. Theligaturesand thebonsai pruningthey must shape the small tree but always following the characteristics of the plant as much as possible so as tocultivate a bonsaihealthy and strong.

For style and ligatures, there are endless manuals and the most important means of learning is practice. In order not to leave you in trouble, we recommend the bookBonsai. Styles, binding and pruning ".

The book in question is part of the seriesGreen thumbby Giunti Editore. It is a very useful illustrated manual for both those who already grow bonsai and for those who are just starting out (thanks to the illustrations and step-by-step instructions). The book can be bought for 6.72 euros on Amazon, with free shipping costs. For all information, please refer to the page:Bonsai. Styles, ligatures and prunings.

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